Dear ASQ Member,

The Hamilton ASQ section is proud to announce the launch of a web-based e-learning solution for members wishing to become Certified Quality Engineers. This free complimentary service is available to all those candidates that want to become an American Society for Quality (ASQ) - Certified Quality Engineer (CQE).

This web-based e-learning program was created by The Knowledge Management Group to help candidates simulate the ASQ CQE exam. It does so by presenting questions and answers to eight previous CQE Exams. As you administer the first e-learning practice exam to yourself, you will be able to grade your efforts and review those questions where you had difficulty. In this manner, you can identify those areas where you are having difficulty and address them appropriately. By introducing a number of practice exams, you can continue to test yourself and grade your overall knowledge of the subject matter and gage your improvement as you learn from your previous efforts.

The CQE e-learning Practice Exams are particularly useful for those people who want to get a ˇ§feelˇ¨ for what they might expect on the CQE exam itself. It can give you an enhanced level of confidence. It is also useful as a supplement to a refresher course. Instructors in CQE refresher courses will also find this online tool helpful as a supplement to their courses.

To view a short tutorial please click on the following link click here.


To register for this free complimentary service and access the CQE e-learning Exam Site, click on the Sign-Up button located under the User Login section located at Once you become a registered user, go to the User Login section of located at and click on the Login button and enter your User Name and Password that was emailed to you when you registered. Once logged in, you will gain access to our Member Site where you can take advantage of our CQE e-Learning Exams. If you encounter problems registering for this service please direct your inquires to

Registration is open to any candidate wishing to become an American Society for Quality - Certified Quality Engineer. However, ASQ Hamilton and The Knowledge Management Group Inc. is not responsible for material content or guarantee that students will pass the ASQ CQE exam using this e-learning tool. It covers most topics set out in the body of knowledge but it is NOT intended to prepare students for a certification examination.


Wishing you success on your efforts to become a Certified Quality Engineer.


ASQ Hamilton Section